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Identify and Appraise Vintage Torelli Road Bike
I purchased this vintage Torelli road bike at a tag sale a few years ago, got it serviced and have been riding it ever since.

I'm looking to upgrade to a modern road bike and wanted to sell this one before doing so. However, I'm not sure about any details about the bike.

Does anyone know what year/model this might be as well as how much it might be worth?

I put a link to photos in this Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j-SaJr1blCnYgmv_2YK77zTs-kYoINsb?usp=sharing

Thanks in advance for the help!
I would call that one in "restorable condition" . meaning it is in need of restoration. Needs a lot and any work that has been done n the past has not been done with the thought of retaining value, instead just to keep it rolling. I would value it @ $100us dollars + or- depending on buyer, probably less
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Judging by the amount of oil/grease on the underneath of the bottom bracket, I think it needs a new rear main seal. Big Grin

Torelli are a California company. Their website blathers on about master artisans, etc. They HAVE had some nice frames over the years (I think they started selling bikes around 40 years ago) and their frames have been produced by some great little Italian workshops/framebuilders like Faggin and Mondonico.

It's a shame your frame is in such poor condition and so poorly maintained. If it was me, I would strip the bike to inspect the frame for problems and evidence of what tubing/year it's from. In that condition, nobody's going to give you much money. The risk of catastrophic rust is too great and the brand isn't famous/valued enough.

I'd say your bike is probably from the late-80s, possibly early 90s. There's a nearly identical frame for sale on eBay here.

I, too, think something in the area of $100 is about right.
I am back to help per request of another member. I have contacted Torelli before about their early frames and no one could provide any answers as to who built them, other than they were outfitted with parts in the US. I see the remains of a Columbus decal, but without an actual photo of it I cannot ID the tubing type. The components need to be shown in detail or listed separately to determine their year and/or value. Component date codes will provide a rough year of manufacture if original to the bike.
It is probably mid 90s; definitely not 80s. There appears to be no extreme rust, but photos are not as detailed as required to determine actual frame condition other than some paint and decal loss.
Rear drop-outs appear to be unbranded/generic so either a lower end frame and/or builder.
I will be a little more liberal with the overall value given that the Cinelli cockpit alone is worth a solid $40-$50, $50 minimum (max $75) for the frame, and another $50 for the parts, so about $150 minimum; and maybe up to $200 maximum if the tubing is top end Columbus and the bike is fully functional and serviced. In better condition it would fetch another $100 with top end parts on it. It should be a fairly easy sell for $100 depending on your location and market, but I would not ask more than $200, nor expect to get $200 for it unless someone is just dying for an Italian frame.

Good luck!
Take care,

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