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Help! Trying to identify this bike
Picked up this vintage frame upon cleaning found some characteristics that are making it difficult for me to figure out the frame. It has Mongoose, Murray and Schwinn characteristics the cranks with Chain rings looks exactly like 1974 Schwinn 10 speed when I tore it down it had heavy duty steel rims, Schwinn bearings and vintage Suntour components. The first image looks Mongoose 2nd Murray but with better welds the forks look like Schwinn bmx style from the 70s. Anyone have any idea what this could be?


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I haven't an idea but it looks sick.
@JayP33 here are a couple of similar frames: both Murrays from the 80s, but lacking your frame's wishbone stays design. Possibly your frame is a later variant, or another brand's knock-off of an early Murray. They may have still been manufactured in the same factory, just different badging. One is a ten speed, the other a single speed. The gusset on the front is eerily similar, but still different. Do you have the serial number? If the same format it might be a clue as to them being of the same brand and/or manufacturer. Hope this helps a little.
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Did you find out @JayP33 ?
It sure reminds me of my old Murray.
@JayP33 ,
I put a shout out on this frame to Gary at the BMX museum where he posted it for identification. No responses have been received after a month or more. Apparently it has folks stumped. You can always try to compare it to the bikes in their gallery.

I forgot to mention that if your Sun Tour components are original then there are date codes (post-1972) on them that might help with determining the year (give or take a year). Even it they are not original it would at least give you a latest year cut-off date from their date codes; e.g. if the frame is 1980, but the Sun Tour parts date to 1984 you can probably assume the frame is no later than 1984 (that is if someone didn't take a much newer frame and decide to put on much older parts; pretty rare occurrence though).
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"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS

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