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warm bike Vacation destination

I am looking for suggestions for road bike cycling getaways destination in the south East between xmas and new years. We've been to James town/Williamsburg which was awesome.

We are regular riders in PA, and go up to 50 miles and love the sight seeing aspect of cycling, and are used to some challenging climbing. We'd be staying at Hotel/B&B type of places. We'd bring our bikes.
Charleston South Carolina looks like a good spot.
In Florida, you can't miss Santos Trails if you're a rider.
There are more than 80 miles of first-rate trails there, suitable for bikers of all skill levels.
Found this today if you need more musing.

I have actually cycled in PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, and AL. You need to specify what type of riding you want to do: trails (paved, dirt, mixed); topograghy (flat, hilly, mountains); sightseeing (nature, urban); facilities (are you touring and camping, or short day rides, etc.); temperature range (even Florida gets freezing weather during late fall and early winter, more northern states can still easily reach the 80s on up; obviously depends on the weather, but also the altitude and proximity to the coast).
It is best to get firsthand accounts from those who regularly cycle in a specific area during the time period you want to cycle. Many websites emphasize and espouse the high points of a specific area (helps their economy), but either downplay or neglect to inform you of the bad side: traffic, crime (bike thefts, etc.), lack of or inadequate facilities, poor road/trail maintenance, pests/insects, dangerous wildlife, etc.
You provided only one real detail other than "warm", southeast, and xmas to new years. If truly planning a cycling vacation, you need to provide more info. If you are just going on a regular vacation and plan to bring bikes or rent in an area then a lot of issues won't matter since I would assume you will be at a resort, hotel, b&b; and you won't be doing any long rides. Again specifics help gain valuable information.
(10-17-2022, 05:48 PM)ReapThaWhirlwind Wrote:  Charleston South Carolina looks like a good spot.

Thanks, I'm actually looking there as a possible destination.
(11-24-2022, 08:01 PM)ReapThaWhirlwind Wrote:  Found this today if you need more musing.


Thanks, bookmarked this for future use. Hoping to travel by SUV under 1000 miles.
I absolutely recommend Georgia for this.
Arabia mountain path trail
Columbus Riverwalk

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