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What do you like about gravel bikes?
Hello, bike riders!
What do you like about gravel biking and gravel bikes? Share it in the comments.
I like the stability of these bikes on gravel.
I love riding bikes on gravel and any surface really. It's just fun and great exercise.
It's a super great workout!
What I like about gravel bikes is their combination of road and off-road qualities.
I like that I can take it on the trails to bird and not worry about feeling unstable
I like that I could ride this bike anywhere - on mountains or beaches. Great looking, too!
I love riding on gravel because it's extra exercise! Great on my leg workout!
The reviews are great!
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I like the idea of it’s durability on less than perfect roads.
I like the stability
I like that they sound stable.
honestly, never having owned a gravel bike.. or seeing one up close.. i have absolutely no idea how to answer this question. i would however love the opportunity to win a gravel bike, which is how i found myself here... lol
I love gravel biking for the change of pace from road biking
I have never had a gravel bike, but I have been on gravel bike trails with a basic mountain bike and was envious of those who had gravel bikes - you can really enjoy dirt trails with full confidence on a gravel bike that you can't enjoy the same way with such gusto with other bikes.
These bikes are well made & very stable. The big plus is that they're fun to ride & enjoy the fresh air! Thank you for this amazing giveaway prize.
I like that they are stable on gravel
Hi I like them becuase the tires grip better
I live on a gravel Road here in the Ozark...love riding on those roads ,I get to see nature and Animals at its Best. great exercise and so much Fun! your bikes Brite and Beautiful & of excellent quality.
I love the look! My current bike isn't any good on soft surfaces so switching to a gravel bike would be a game changer

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