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Hello from Denver Colorado
Hello what can I say, I used to ride a lot as it was my only means of transportation for a while. In my highest mileage year somewhere north of 4000 miles in and around Denver. To and from work was most of those miles as that was 40 miles round trip. Once I was able to get a car I rode a lot less and haven't ridden in the last three years. I just got my bike fixed up and am starting to ride again, though the two 1.5 mile rides I have done have taken it out of me. So here I am a newbie once again to riding, hoping to get up to 10 miles being easy once again.
"Uphill, downhill, I like that"
welcome to Bikeride, Keaton! and welcome back to biking! i have to say that you already have made the very first steps towards a successful return, namely, got the bike fixed up and had your first rides. step by step, and it will come. see you around!

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