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Folding bike for tall guys
hello, I would say that I am not the shortest guy in the town with 6'6'. I have been fascinated by folding bikes, and this year I should finally get one .. to quickly get around the city, be mobile and to have no worries with parking my bikey. However, not sure how they fit with such tower like me? Dahon has description with 196cm height limit, but is that really the limit? Possibly some models are more comfortable for tall people with long legs?

if anyone here is slightly (or more) above average height and ride folding bike daily, please, share your experiences .. much appreciated!

I'm familiar with Bernds folding bicycles, they should have something for you Wink Although those bikes are made in Germany, and I'm not sure about the distribution options (assuming you are located in US).
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I'm your slightly shorter brother at nearly 6'5" (195 cm). I don't have personal experience with folding bikes, but a friend who travels a lot uses a Bike Friday, and he's about 6'2". You might give them a look.

You also might ask one of the several very tall custom framebuilders here in the U.S., chief among them Lennard Zinn, who is your same height at 6"6". I don't have his email address handy, but look it up and contact him. He's very approachable and willing to help out.
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oh, I appreciate both of the feedbacks, thanks a lot! I am not in a hurry at the moment, the buying process might take some time. Meaning couple months, but I will certainly look up Lennard Zinn.

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