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7 spd folding
I purchased a new Schwin 7 spd folding bike with a 515 or S1S derailleur.

Out of the box I could only get gears 4-7.

After adjusting the L&H crews and the Barrel screw I can now get all 7.

My only problem is I am getting noise from gear 1 that seems to come from the derailleur sprocket ridding on top of the first gear sprocket.

If I lift up just a bit on the derailleur the noise stops.

My park book mentions a B screw that would seem to be the way to go but I don't see one on this Derailleur.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards,
pictures please, of the derailleur, close up from the rear.
The derailleur is no Longer a problem.

I flexed the derailleur 10-15 times by hand thinking maybe the spring was a little tight being new.

The next day I took it for a spin figuring I would just not use first gear.

At the end of the ride I shifted into first and all was normal.

Thanks for the reply anyway. And thanks to Park tools.


(10-30-2011, 10:43 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  pictures please, of the derailleur, close up from the rear.

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