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Back wheel truing
I watched the wheel truing video and I still don't get it. Especially part 3, since that is where my problem is.
I found out where my rim hits the right-side brake pad [bike is flipped upside down](the one with more angle, opposite side of the gear thing).
The wobble lasts for 5 spokes. how do I adjust each and everyone of those spokes? Which way do I turn them clockwise or anti-clockwise?
I don't have a spoke wrench so I will probably use a small spanner or pliers? Will they work, since its not worth it just to fix a $40 bike I just bought?
Thank you

Hi 1800,
Many answers to this one I'm afraid.
If your spokes and spoke nipples are not rusted or corroded, release the pressure in your tires.
Then, looking from the outside of the wheel towards the hub, the nipples need to be turned clockwise for greater tension but...
You need to tension the spokes that will "pull" the rim in the direction you want them. For example, if you're looking from behind with your bike upright and wheel suspended from the floor and the rim is touching the right brake pad, you need to tighten the spokes that go to the left side of the hub. You will only need to turn the nipples one quarter turn at a time and check. Spin, adjust and check again. It can be a tedious process so be patient.
I would also recommend a proper spoke tool for a few dollars to make your job far, far easier.
Good luck,

Thanks ozzzyrick
1800, I also strongly recommend using a spoke wrench, as anything else will most likely damage the spoke nipples and you won't be able to re-adjust them. A good spoke wrench is well worth the investment, both for your $40 bike and any bikes you own in the future.
The reason why I asked if pliers or wrench will be a suitable replacement, is because there's not a close bike store to where I live (probably none in a 40km radius) and I live in Australia, so the shipping fee will probably cost more than the spoke wrench itself.
Apart from pliers or a wrench, are there any other normal around the house objects I can use? I was thinking maybe tweezers?

Unfortunately, only a spoke wrench will work. You can try other tools, but they will likely damage your spoke nipple.

If you must use a tool other than a spoke wrench, a smooth faced channel lock plier or good quality adjustable wrench is better than standard pliers. You definately still risk stripping the nipple. But standard pliers with 'teeth' will tear up the nipple regardless. Do what you need to do to get riding. But you must be able to mail order the right tool even if there's no shop near you. You won't regret the money spent.


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