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Changed skewer, back wheel jumps out of frame

I changed the skewer on my back wheel, and now it jumps nearly out of the frame when I move the pedal. Any advice? The issue is definitely me because it happened with the same skewer on another bike. Last time I ended up putting the quick release skewer back on and having my bike repair shop change it. Now that I know for sure it's me, I want to figure this out.

The front wheel isn't a problem. The skewer has a special end on one side that only loosens with a special key. The issue, in part, may be that it needs to be tighter, but I remember getting it as tight as I could last time, and it still didn't work.

Give me some guidelines--how snug/loose should the skewer be? Are there any other factors that I should be thinking about as I'm trying to get it to fit correctly?

can you show us a picture of the skewer or than name of it?
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