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Wheel Truing. "Half-diamond" shape.
Hi guys,

A while back, a bicycle repair man with 30 years experience was kind enough to give me some advice on truing my rear wheel. I'm trying to remember a detail of what he said. I cycle an "Escape 4" hybrid bicycle by Giant.

I believe he told me that you're not aiming for equal tension in the spokes of each side of the wheel. (Viewing a bike that is standing) the spokes need to be almost vertical on the side with the sprockets, while looser on the other side. When looking down on this wheel from above, this creates a half-diamond shape on the side without the sprockets.

Does this sound right to you?

Thank you,

Make things easier... buy or build a dishing tool. Makes truing/building a lot easier. Very simple to build.
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
This is correct. On a multi-gear rear wheel, the attachment point for the spokes on the hub is offset to leave room for the gear cluster. The drive side spokes will be more vertical and higher tension, left spokes at lower tension. On a front wheel and most rears with a single cog, the spokes on both sides are matching.

I put this together for less than $50-

Front or rear, the rim/tire is centered in the fork/frame. I set a 0-center ruler to help guide me, as can be seen in the 2nd set of photos.
Wow guys,

Amazing help.

Thanks a million Smile


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