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Mongoose XR 75 Chain Replacement
I recently pulled my Mongoose out of storage and i need to replace the chain, tubes, tires, and grips (i think that's all :/)

I started taking the chain off before i realized what all was involved. I got the back section of the chain off, then I saw that there is a piece above the pedals that holds it in place. How exactly do i take this chain off? I tried to find a master link on the chain but they are all the same. Where do i break the chain? Can i just snip the chain and buy a new one with a quick release since I have to replace it anyways?
There's nothing that "holds the chain in place." Perhaps you are referring to where the chain passes through the front derailleur cage. Once the chain is broken of course you can just remove it. Yes, you can snip the chain and get a chain with a master/quick link, but a tool is still required to properly size the chain. It looks like you will need a chain designed for 6-7 speeds, available at Walmart where the bike is sold as well as online and at bike shops. Check videos on this site or Google "replace bike chain."
You need a chain tool:
Wal-mart often has them, as does Amazon. It pushes the pin out.

Chain - Walmart also has them. Get the one that says for up to 24 speeds; of get a KMC X8.99 from Amazon.

See Shimano TechDocs for getting the chain the correct length, the Tourney rear derailleur techdoc is a good one for this.

You also like need a new freewheel if your chain has stretch. Use a 12" ruler or tape measure to check for stretch. In 12", if there is much more than 1/16" of chain stretch, you need a new freewheel.
Thank you all for the advice. I decided against throwing $100 into a $100 bike. I went ahead and purchased a Trek 820 and im LOVING it. Cny-man, you were right, it is the front derailleur that i was talking about. I didnt know what it was called at the time. I was also told that a chain with a master link isnt for Mountain Bikes, which explains why i couldnt find one when i looked on the mongoose.

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