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Mongoose shaky back tire
I got this 21 speed mongeese from a friend of mine that tire that shaky tried everything I know and it's still shakey what do I do I will put a pic on it and the second
southern pride
Here's is the picture
southern pride
It's the wheel, not the tire. If there is play when you move it from side to side look up adjust rear hub.
Thank you I have looked online for what it would be because I checked the whole back wheel but its still doing that and I tighten it and somehow its still doing it and that last reply my iPhone changed it and I didn't check it
southern pride
Saying you "tried everything I know" and "checked whole back wheel" does not tell us what you did, and the run-on "sentence" makes no sense in general. Someone else is going to have to help you, as you seem unwilling or unable to put the effort into making yourself clear.
I'm trying to sorry is restless nights. Anyway what else could I try.
southern pride
When you turn the bike upside down and spin the wheel what do you see? Is the wheel bent? Is the frame bent? Does the wheel wobble? What happens when you substitute another wheel on it?
"Where ever we go, there we are"
I got it for to quit wobble so much at the moment
southern pride
now I got a other problem. The cassette and derailleurs are needing to be replaced apparently so does the gear cables and the chain and crank set. Does anyone know where to get the right parts for it for a good price.
southern pride
If all that is truly needed then the right parts don't exist, because they would cost far more than the bike would be worth after changing them out. Scavenge what you can off the bike.
I Would still do it though
Oh and new wheels on it too
southern pride
So the only thing of note that you would be keeping is the frame. Unless the bike sold new for well over $1000 the frame is simply not worth putting that amount of money into it. For someone who says he has little money it seems an unwise path, but your choice.
It is a good chance to save it and get it a lot of racing chances to use it and more
southern pride
It has a chance to be fixed
southern pride
I Know I broke but I don't like to give up on things like this and that is why I am looking for parts for it
southern pride
There comes a time when you have to cut your losses.
I Hate that idea of failing a job to do and I would do anything to not have to cut my losses because I was to taught to finish what I started and this mountain bike ain't different
southern pride
By that logic if you fall down a hill you should not grab onto a tree limb to save yourself. To finish what you start is great, as long as you start in the right direction.
I Ain't cutting losses I'm going to do this project I got to for myself to prove that I can do this
southern pride
I Got it working well
southern pride

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