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Wrenches for Saddle Bag
My rear wheel requires a 5/8 wrench to remove from the bike, so I'm looking for a wrench that will fit in my saddle bag.

Is there a better place to find smaller bike wrenches than the local hardware store?

The other option is to replace the rear axle with a quick release, but I don't know where to find that item.
You can get nice wrenches from.

Or buy a good quality 6" adjustable, frequently called, Crescent wrench. That will work on lots of sizes. Always pull against the fixed side.
Never Give Up!!!
I get most of my non-specialized tools from Harbor Freight.

And are you sure it is 5/8"; typical is 15mm.
I found a real nice combination box end/open end wrench at Lowe's, about 3 inches long.
Mine was 15mm.
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
I found a nice small crescent wrench that fits in my saddle bag. I'll double-check the size tonight.
5/8" = 15.87mm. You'd be much better off using an adjustable wrench than a 5/8 if it's actually 15mm.

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