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Fell in love with a saddle...
I went to my local bike shop today and I ask them about bike seats since in my other post ("Just a few questions" over in general questions) I had mentioned that mine was crap and the seat cover that I’m using is of very little if any good. So the guy at the counter helped me out. He explained each saddle in as much detail as he could given the gender difference. Then he pointed out a bike that had one of the saddles from the wall on it and offered to let me test it out. The instant I sat down I knew I had fallen in love. The bike seat I had fallen in love with is the Bontrager Boulevard, for men not women as the one for women looks a little too wide. The only problem is the price tag ($39.99). I know it's a small price to pay for a comfortable ride but I’m sort of a cheap skate and want to explore other (cheaper) options. I was wondering if there were any saddles on the market similar to this one but at a lower price. Thanks for y’all’s help yet again.
The trouble with saddles is that they really are a very personal thing, so one person's comfy armchair is another's instrument of torture. I tried several before I got one I found really comfortable.

Also, don't be fooled by big soft saddles, these tend to be comfortable in the short term and when you initially sit on them, but less so on longer rides.

Have a read: http://libertybikes.com/buyers-guides/are-you-riding-the-right-bicycle-saddle-pg111.htm

If you do splash out on one that's quite expensive but you find really comfortable you can always keep your old one, so if you get a new bike, you can put your favourite saddle on it and put the old one back on the old bike.
As Xerxes says, A saddle might immediately feel good but after a few rides you realise it's not for you.
I bought a Selle "San Marco" which seemed fine. I then bought another one for another of my bikes as I thought I had found the "just right" saddle.
They both now reside hung up in the garage. Sad
They have been replaced with Selle Italia "Flite" and I have a "Brooks" on my tourer bike.
If you don't spend much time on the bike then more or less any saddle will do.
But if you spend a few hours, on the bike, then it does matter and your seat will let you know.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Surely your butt is worth 40 bucksSmile. many of us have spent more than that on the wrong ones while trying to find the right one. i don't think you'll regret spending the money if it fits you good.
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!
Xerxes is right. Saddles need to be tested to determine how well it fits. My own is a Bontrager that I picked up used for $10 on a buying spree. I can't remember the model though. (see attached)

The reason I went on a buying spree for used saddles is that I intend to make my own using a plumber's knee pad for the cushion and wrap it with leather to match a leather handle bar wrap for a bike I am building.

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Oh yes. Been there, done that. I couldn't tell you how many saddles I went through before I found 'the one'. After spending a few hours on a WTB SST, I knew it was the one and now have them on most of my bikes. Once you find 'the one', it becomes easier to justify spending more on that model with titanium rails to shave weight. Hmmmm...
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
My Brooks B17 Special cost me 135.00 with free shipping so 40.00 is real cheap.But I would sell my Brooks for anything I have to order one more Brooks B17 Special soon cost is the same so far.I need it for my new build.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.

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