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Urgent: All kinds of issues
So today my bike had an awful day. The inner tube went flat. While I was getting my bike in a coworker's car to take me to the gas station I guess the right side gear got busted up. I ended up buying a new inner tube. Two things have happened.

One the people at Sears who helped me out maybe have put my chain on the wrong way. I tried riding and I felt the chain acting strange and bending weird. When I got home it was out of place. But it looks fixable.

Two: My gear is busted. I pretty much couldn't ride my bike as it was so loose. I tried to see if I can stick it. But no use.

How do I take care of my chain and gear? I have a huffy mounatain bike. I was to be in second gear. This is my only way to work (I don't have a car).
You are description does not use standard terminology for bike components, so without pictures of EVERYTHING, there is little we can do to assist you.

Once you get your tube repaired, you could always turn it into one of these:
"My gear is busted." does not give us an idea of what your problem is. We do need more details.
See if you can find a bike co-op or knowledgeable friend to help, or a bike shop to at least give you an idea of what is wrong.. Too much to address remotely, even with pictures, as there may be more issues than you are aware of. People somehow found help nearby before the Internet - try talking to someone in person.

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