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Hub race spinning?
Hey Guys,
Trying to figure what is going on here... Have a Fixie rear wheel that I have adjusted the cones on twice since I got it in November of last year. Noticed here recently that it had some more side-to-side play and just got a chance to check it out. Figured I would do a complete lube, so I broke it down and noticed that the drive side race(shell) was spinning in the hub along with some side play. The other side is fine.
Is there a way of tightening or getting the race(shell) to stop spinning??
Shell ??? The bearing consists of a cup (pressed into the hub), a cone (threaded on the shaft) and balls.

On most hubs, any cup damage => new hub. Given that; if it is spinning, but otherwise secured, you could clean the whole hub after disassembly - including the cog(s) - in solvent (immerse). Then try epoxy on the back side of the spinning cup.
If you want to fix the loose cup, clean both surfaces really well with acetone or lacquer thinner, than use locktite RED stud and bearing mounting fluid. You can slightly heat the hub by leaving it in sun or with a hair dryer to expend it so you can get a better fit.
Read locktite directions carefully.
Lot of pressure there, but throw a hail Mary.
Never Give Up!!!
Shell... you're right... cup... that's what I ment... DUH !!!
Thanks for the help, guys !!!

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