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Adjusting the derailleur inwards for each step? (pic heavy)
Do take the cassette off; I bet that you will find a spacer behind the cassette; remove it, and you'll be able to fit an 8 speed cassette that will match the shifter. 8 speed cassettes can be had new in the USA from Amazon for $15-.
(11-02-2013, 01:31 PM)Ivo Wrote:  Nevertheless I think it was either also not his before, or he had it serviced at some time, because as I mentioned earlier the shifter has 8 positions and there are only 7 cogs. I don't think it was purchased new like that.
No, not new like that.
I wanted him to pull the cassette as I also suspected an 8/7 speed spacer. I looked at one of my 8/7 speed rear wheels & it is very similar to his picture.
I have a later model but similar FH-M752 rear hub.
Good photos, the cassette looks OK, Yes to service the bearings it needs to be removed, Perhaps if you buy some parts from your LBS he will take it of for you and when you service the hub, replace the bearings and use boat trailer water resistant wheel grease (IMO first choice)But use grease you have on hand if you have any, grease and tighten till no side to side play in axle, than take it back and ask him to re install cassette, nicely.:-)
The wheel looks nice too and I noticed the rim has ferrules for the spokes. If the spokes are SS you have a good wheel. Test spokes with magnet typical SS spokes are none magnetic. There are some magnetic SS alloys but not used in many common applications.

Never Give Up!!!
(11-03-2013, 01:27 AM)GeorgeET Wrote:  ...... Test spokes with magnet typical SS spokes are none magnetic. .....

Check the spoke away from the ends. The best spokes are made of a 304 stainless steel, which becomes ferro-magnetic by work hardening. The bend area and threads are work hardened more than the rest of the spoke. The better spokes also have some work hardening in the middle to increase their strength.

300 series stainless steels are nominally not ferro-magnetic, but become ferro magnetic with working hardening.
Thanks for the info Nigel, I was hopping you'd chime in. I am aware of magnetic SS alloys but in my experience have not come across it in typical use. I read that its used in industrial applications and electrical, making junction boxes and such out of it...........can you think of other uses?

My SS spokes are none magnetic. AS you say some high end spokes for custom wheel builders can be magnetized by hardening process. I doubt there are many commercial wheels like that out there.

I once took a magnet to my LBS, when I was looking to buy a bike, and could nor find any magnetic SS spokes.

Also if its a vintage bike and the spokes are not rusty that's a good indication they are SS..........some very light surface rust at most.
Never Give Up!!!

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