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MiddleWeight Schwinn - Heavy Duty 67'
Sup Sup,
Was wandering if anyone has had experience with performance issues after replacing the original Bendix bearings with new?
Looking For :
Quantity 1 : 7 Ball Caged BB-20 -- (F-5369 Is Labeled on Bearing)
Quantity 2 : 10 Ball Caged BB-16 -- (5372 Is Labeled on Bearing)
I guess if the new are just as good as the old then no big deal. Gonna need to rely on yalls expertise on this one.
[Image: IMG_0195_zpsc0077ddb.jpg]
I would try loose balls - make sure to get the same size, and add one extra ball compared to the caged assembly.
I actually found a original set of bearings.
Thanks for your input!

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