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Brake handle
The right side of my mtb brake handle doesn't return when pressed, does anyone know what could be the problem?
could be:
* the brake lever
* cable
* cable housing
* spring in brake
* something else.
not all brake levers have return springs, the first step would be to remove the cable from the housing and inspect the cable for fray, inspect the housing end caps for distorted holes, inspect brake springs for breakage, or plastic spring bezels for cracks. one note if your lever has springs check for binding again with the cable detached. your best bet would be to replace your cable and housing with quality products if your lever works fine without the cable attached
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(09-02-2013, 02:23 PM)Donald4546 Wrote:  Well dude it has made of aluminium sheets and very durable mostly aluminium pipes have used in the homes especially for water and Gas purposes,Am i right dude??????????SmileSmileSmile
No. Aluminum is not used for pipes.

Most brake levers are aluminum forgings, some are aluminum castings.

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