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Handle bar adjustment

Hi ...i now have some photos of my headset
i need to know if there is any adjustment available
with this type of bike so that i can raise the handlebar
under the dustcap is an allen bolt ...but im not sure if i start with that
first or should i start with the centre nut on the stem
thank you all
This is a "quill" stem and yes the Allen bolt (under the cap) is the one for adjustment.
Remove the cap and unscrew the Allen bolt say about three turns.
NOT all the way out.
The bolt goes down to either an "expander" or "wedge". These usually stick in place and have to knocked down to free them. (tap the bolt down to free off the wedge/expander). After freeing the wedge, the stem should become loose and can be raised or lowered to suit.
Somewhere on the stem there should be a safety mark and the stem should not protrude beyond this.
Now and again stems will jam in place due to corrosion and can be very hard to remove. So it's a good policy to remove, clean and grease them a couple of times a year.
See Sheldon for more info:-
Ride hard or ride home alone!
thanks for that...great help,will i need to do
anything about the wedge /expander after ive
adjusted the height,....thank you
If you want you can lift the stem completely out, then you could grease the threads, wedge and lower stem.
Replace the stem and set to height required. Line stem up with front wheel and then re-tighten the Allen bolt.
Sometimes with the expander type you have to lift the bolt to get the expander to grip in the bottom of the stem.
If the brake cables are short then these may restrict getting the stem completely out but no real matter.
Make sure the stem is tight before riding. Hold front wheel between the knees and try turning the bars. If it slips then the bolt/wedge isn't tight enough. Don't go mad tightening it as too much pressure could shear the bolt or distort the steerer tube of the forks.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
thank you i will try that... should be ok after your good advice

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