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Headset identification

Can anyone tell me what type of headset I have. If so any advise on how to service or videos on how to do so would be a great help.


the pic is quite blurry, what is the name on the top ring you took off?
it looks like what they call a zero stack headset or semi integrated. it looks quite rusty, the inner ring in the pic looks like a sealed cartridge bearing it should pop out with a little help from a butter knife or a screw driver, you should have another in the lower end. the outer most ring is pressed into the frame and should be cleaned inspected and lubed, take your bearing to the bike shop to match up the new on with and set the new ones in and reassemble, remember to lube aLL SURFACES WITH GREASE BEFORE REASSEMBLY
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Thanks for your reply. I have pushed some grease between the inner and outer ring and re assembled for now, but obviously they need servicing. I tried to push the inner ring out but it appears to be held in place by bearings between the inner and outer rings. Didn't won't to force it anymore with fear of breaking something. The outer ring seams really well wedged into the frame. I tried but its well in. Wanted to check if someone new what type it was before I start doing any more. There are no markings on the ring that came off above.

the outer ring is pressed in the frame and should be left alone, just cleaned and inspected for damage check this link for an idea of what your have
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"

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