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Back pedaling
hello I have a child's bike if you pedal forward it goes for ward however if you pedal backwards it "locks"
My bike if do that ...the chain goes backwards bike stays still can I "fix" hers to do the same as its frustrating her
Well the bike have what is called a coaster brake... With this, your kid can brake with foot pressure on the pedals... That way, no need for front or rear brake since kids have small and weak hands...

If you want to dismantle the coaster brake (found inside of the rear wheel hub), you necessarily need a way to brake the bike!!! is there already some brake levers on the handlebar?
I pulled the whole hub to bits took out the "clamps" acting like washers INSIDE the hub put it all back together works a dream now.....
I hope there are still two independent working brakes on the bike. A bike should have two working brakes (yeah, sure, the one in the front is enough on dry road). Also note that the kid has to be 1) strong enough to brake the bike with the hand brake levers only and 2) bike savy / know braking technique well enough to not do the "endo" (end over) over the handle bars. I usually know how to brake, last year however I locked the front wheel, went over, left a lot of skin (face mostly) on the tarmac. It stung. A lot. I went around looking like the phantom of the opera for a fortnight... So: teach the kid how to brake and hope the best!

(the helmet didn't even have a scratch... bike was almost unharmed, too, but shirt, gloves etc suffered a lot)
Joe. A fortnight? For real? Very cool (not for your face). Not many ppl know that word. Ride On!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
He may be from England or the commonwealth. Fortnight = two weeks. One stone = 14lbs. A Farthing = a quarter pence (1/4 penny). If I remember correctly a chain was 22 yards, which is what a Cricket pitch is based on, wicket to wicket.
So, it has come to this!
(that is, we're off topic)
Question to the native speakers: is tarmac more Commonwealth English or is it an American English word?
Now this directly implies: Joe ain't no native speaker. He's trying hard to improve his language skills, though. Why I know this word I cannot say. Maybe it has something to do with the use and abuse of non-SI units I enjoy. Regarding the chain: I think that 10 chains are a furlong. There was also something like a rod or pole (I think) that was... something like 5 and a bit yards (maybe something like 17 feet to have a prime number?) (sort of makes the 10 foot pole of DnD quite funny I think).

Oh, and @1FJEF: with that avatar picture you're not supposed to know how long a Cricket pitch is Wink
Can't help it, I grew up there. No, nothing to do with the military. My Mother was an exchange professor. Oh, & my bicycle was a Triumph, which I left outside unlocked (which should tell you how long ago it was).
I think there is a little bit of "art" to wheel building, just as there is to, say, bodywork on a car.

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