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Clank sound when pedaling
Hi All,

First post on the forum, but I've been reading around for the last few months while I built my modified Schwinn OR2 700c electric bike conversion. I've done a little homework, but i'm really looking for a bit of advice before i pull the trigger on part orders:

After some decent overhaul to the stock bike, I am now hearing some clanking sounds when pedaling. I've checked the chain for any tight links and just did a thorough cleaning of the chain to see it that could have been the cause. At this point, i'm convinced its an issue with the BB.

After reading some threads, I've seen comments that re-greasing or replacing the BB is typically the solution. If you could point me in the right direction regarding tools, I would like to do the repair myself vs. going to a bike shop. Any suggestions of what kind of maintenance can be done?

Below is an image of my bottom bracket:

[Image: PhotoAug2174822PM.jpg]

Looking at the locking mechanism, it looks like a cartridge type, but would like it if someone could confirm this.

I'm probably looking at needing the following tools, but again, would like a sanity check:

Crank Puller:

[Image: 81-CeE2c0kL_SL1500_.jpg]

or this

[Image: 41OyR0xrz8L.jpg]

Then i can image i need this to remove/install the cartridge:

[Image: shimano-bottom-bracket-removal-tool.jpg]

Finally, if i have to replace the cartridge, do you recommend a brand to start? I've read that the Shimano UN55 or UN54 is a good BB for the price, but cant tell which one i would actually need.

Thanks in advance!
Looks like a cartridge, Park tool BBT-7 is the one you need for the lock ring,(6 notches). crank puller style is good just make sure it will do hollow spindles also, then any shimano compatible BB tool will work to remove the BB with. Whether or not this takes care of your problem or not, those are the tools you need to do what you want. I does not hurt to cross check a different set of peddles too. Important to do only one thing @ a time, re-test, and move on
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
You can't regrease the BB *internals* - must be replaced IF needed. We need a better description of the noise. Can you compare it to some other sound. Clanking is a very unusual description when it comes to BB/drivetrain noise. Often it's clicking, clunking, rattling, squeaking, etc. Also what is the rhythm? If once per crank rev there's no sense in doing anything to the chain, which takes more than one crank rev to rotate around fully.
It is possible and I recommend greasing all metal to metal parts of the Bottom bracket, i.e. the shell of the frame threads on the cups and the outside of BB itself where the cup slides over the body. make sure all grit and grime are cleaned. Your BB itself is not serviceable, but creaks and noise can come from grit and flex in that area.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
thanks for the replies. I'll see if i can take a video on my commute this week to better show what the sound is like. The sound doesn't go away when i switch gears, and i can actually feel it under my feet as well, so it will be interesting once i get it open.

Thanks again for the replies.

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