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Mechanical "locking" sound and there's resistance when pedaling
Please watch the attached video. I gave a ride to person on my luggage carrier and her jeans got stuck in the chain. Ever since then, my back has been making this "ticking" sound or whatever you can call it, and it feels as if there's a bit of resistant to the pedals and a "locking" motion sometimes. Moreover, the wheel seems to be swinging a bit in the video and it's not turning in a straight circle. Some of the wheel "rods" (not sure what they're called but the metal rods that spring from the edges of the wheel to center) have also come loose. The wheel also seems to hit the wheel protection cover. What should I do?

Video: https://vimeo.com/594286165
You have to true the wheel but start by looking at spokes - are they all in place?

It will be easier just to ask a bike mechanic.
Hello @zyxciz !
We have received a reply from our community member via Facebook:

Looks like an internal 3-speed hub (I haven't seen one in years!). Be sure the hub is properly adjusted (usually that means put it in the middle gear and adjust the cable so the indicator line is centered).

It looks like the chain might be a bit looser than it should be. Since that's not a derailleur system, the chain should be fairly snug. Loosen the nuts on the rear axel; pull the wheel back until the chain is snug; tighten the nut on the chain side; then make sure the wheel is centered and tighten the other nut.

Those steps should take care of any ticking sound.

Yes, the wheel looks to be a bit out of true. If there is a decent bicycle shop in town the bike mechanic can take care of it by adjusting the spokes. If you don't know a good bike shop, look to see if there is a cycling club in your area. If you still don't find one, try asking around. If all else fails, the last choice is to try to tighten the loose spokes yourself without someone to show you how, but that's taking a chance even if you read up about it and watch some videos, so try to find someone who knows what they are doing.

And, as just about everyone has told you, don't try to give anyone a ride on your luggage rack.

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