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Need input on choosing the correct SA hubs
I posted this first in the maintenance section before I realize it was in the wrong place. Sorry!

I have recently purchased a 3 speed Raleigh Sports. I have to replace both 26 x 1-3/8" wheels. I am not so concerned with keeping the bike date or period correct but will try to when possible.

I want new alloy 36 hole rims for front and rear and Sturmey-Archer hubs with a front generator hub. I would like front and rear hubs to have brakes. I'm having a bit of a problem understanding all of the options available in SA hubs. Will someone recommend which Sturmey-Archer hubs I need?

On the rear, you have two choices, a coaster brake (pedal backwards to brake) or a drum brake which will use a normal hand operated brake lever. It looks like there's two groups of hubs.
S-RC3 is the 3 speed coaster brake. X-RD3 and XL-RD3 have drum brakes. I think the XL has a larger brake, but I don't see any other difference. I think these all have an "over locknut dimension" of 130mm. There's also the AWC, SAB3, and AB3 that have a shorter over locknut dimension.

The OND is determined by your frame. If it's a steel frame, you can adjust the frame fairly easily if needed, but no reason to do it more than you need to.

The RX-RD3 uses a twist shifter instead of the older style trigger shifter.

Coaster will be simpler to install and you won't need a brake lever. I don't think there's an issue setting up a drum brake on a bike that didn't have one, but you might have to get slightly creative with hardware and buy a few extra bits to put it all together.

For the front, I think your two options are: X-FDD, XL-FDD

On rims, note that there are two different 26x 1 3/8 sizes. On a Raleigh, I think you would have the "EA3" size, but you need to confirm.
Also, I'm not sure what the availability of decent aluminum rims in this size is. It is a pretty deprecated wheel size.
Since you're going to hub brakes, you could change the wheel size as long as there is clearance in the frame for them. 650B is a size with growing interest (and parts) though still somewhat rare. Or you may be able to go up to 700C which is probably the most common rim size, but it is 2-3 cm bigger in diameter.

An interesting project and may well be worth doing. But you're going into somewhat uncharted territory here. You'll need to do a little research, measuring, etc. Pay attention to things like axle diameters, wheel sizes, tire availability, etc. etc.

Good luck!
Thanks Dave,
That was the information I was hoping for. I think I may use CR-18 1-3/8 aluminum rims.

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