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Phil Wood Hubs (New in box)
I have a set of brand new in the box sealed bearing front and rear Phil Wood hubs, circa 1982. I have no idea what they are worth, if interested make an offer. If you know what they are worth and aren't interested in buying, I'd appreciate the info. Thanks.
how about more info, spacing, pics, model##. I may be interested in them
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Somewhere between $0 and $500- depending on what they are.
(08-26-2012, 12:44 PM)painkiller Wrote:  how about more info, spacing, pics, model##. I may be interested in them

Sorry, actually I have two front and two rear. No model # or anything similar. 18 hole. Rear flange center to center is 56mm,and front flange c/c 69mm. "Phil" on shafts of all.
A couple of things:

* OLD see: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_n-o.html#old is a bit of critical information that any purchaser will need.

* looks like each box originally contained one front and one rear hub, not like you presently have them arranged.

* they are 36H, meaning that there are 36 holes for 36 spokes per wheel.

* the rear hubs are for freewheels (as opposed to cassettes).

Once we know the OLD, we can better advise you.
Here is one on CL:
Here is one on CL:
Measuring with a caliper that is reasonably accurate, the O.L.D. of the rear hubs are 120 mm, and the fronts are 100mm.
Quote:the O.L.D. of the rear hubs are 120 mm, and the fronts are 100mm.

They're track hubs.

Single speeds and fixed gears have become very popular of late so you should have no trouble selling them.

Not really sure of their value now, but they were expensive new, probably $300 or more for front and rear set. I would have a look on Ebay to see what others are selling for.
(08-27-2012, 11:34 AM)rb64 Wrote:  Measuring with a caliper that is reasonably accurate, the O.L.D. of the rear hubs are 120 mm, and the fronts are 100mm.

I would suggest pushing them for fixies and restorations. Modern rear hubs for road bikes are 130mm, and mountain bikes 135mm.
Modern track hubs are still 100 and 120mm.
Temporarily off the market, thanks for information. Off to Glacier National Park.
FYI - those are not track hubs. Hubs for fixed gear have stepped threads to match the differently threaded cog and lockring.

If the rears are 120mm OLD, my guess is that they were intended for older road bikes (mostly 5 speed).
I have to side with Dave on this one! These beauties would be a Treasure Find for someone looking to .... where do we begin? These babies were one of Phil's first introductions into the market. Even before he made the infamous green grease.
I'm much older now but, I do remember these! There was a time when we were between 5 and 6 Speed and the 'then new' 6 speed was creating problems with frame spacing at the rear. Suntour (?) came out with the Super-Six which placed 6 in the place of 5 but needed new chain width. I think it also required a chain change to work correctly. The Super-Six was not the same as the new 6 speed stuff being introduced. It was intended to fit the 120 mm drop-out spread of a 5 and that began to confuse a lot of bike mechanics. Myself included. Here comes 123 mm spacing.
I think that these Phil Wood hubs are from that era, rb64. They are worth something but, how much and to who? What you have is a very special product that will appeal to a very small market.
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How many spoke front/rear ? They look sweet
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Please respond with any new ideas !


I count 18 holes, so 36 spoke, funny how many that seems nowadays.

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