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Help with choosing a bike
Hi! I recently started looking into different modes of transportation other than my car because I work downtown and hate paying for parking, finding parking, and all those city people problems.

I really like the thought of a road bike because I dig the forward position and the more aggressive road tires that limit your friction. My brother and I would also like to take our bikes to the North Side where they have off road, mountain bike trails (exposed tree roots, steep hills to go down, etc.

I just need your guy's opinions on what bike to buy. I have a budget of $500 and willing to go to $750. I will be using this bike to get to work every Monday through Friday, so it will primarily be road bike with the ability to go to the mountain. I'd prefer if I could just swap tires and get ones that are skinny for the road, and fat ones to just throw on for the mountain. Any suggestions because I am lost...? Thanks in advance!
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Hi William, I understand that this was posted couple months ago so I am curious what did you choose? Did you consider cyclocross bikes -> they're becoming more popular for commuters being fast + able to go off roads. They are not the cheapest option though but still can cruise through Ebay and find solid <750$ options.

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