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Computer problem on a tadpole bent.
I posted this on the recumbent sub-forum of BikeForums.net and thought I would also give it a shot here.


First, I have never had or used a wireless computer; all if mine are wired so I don't know that much about them except that they pick up a lot of interference and stop working. My wife recently switched from a Sun EZ-3 to a tadpole bent. She purchased a wireless Bontrager computer for her trike (before I was able to get one for her) and after I installed it, the computer didn't register any speed or distance. The initial installation of the computer was on a tee-bar mounted on the boom with the sensor on the left chain stay, fairly close to the back of the seat. I couldn't mount the sensor on the front wheel because of the disc brakes (no place to mount it). Both batteries checked out good on my battery tester.

I took the bent out for a ride down the street and held the computer in my left hand while riding and everything was working fine, until I put the computer back in it's mount and everything stopped working again. Figuring the issue here was the distance between the computer and the sensor, I mounted the computer on her left hand mirror. The computer started to register the speed and distance but the problem now is that it works intermittently.


I'm sure someone in this forum that rides a bent has come across this problem before, so what did you do to fix the problem? Could the problem be that the signal from the sensor to the computer has to pass through the body? She is only 125 lbs.

Another question, does anyone that is riding a tadpole bent with her setup have artificial hips (the reason she is on a bent)? She has bilateral implants and I am wondering if the titanium in the hips can cause interference with the wireless signal?

Is anyone using a Bontrager Trip 5W on their bent and are you having or have had issues with this computer? I talked to a bike mechanic that worked at a Trek shop and he said that the Bontrager wireless computers are hit and miss as far as them working. Personally, I have purchased several Bontrager items and I have not had any luck or satisfaction with any of them, but that is just me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since the bike shop she purchased the computer at is close to the only place in this area that has tadpole bents in stock and they are about 40 miles away. I really don't want to keep going back and forth to that shop to get this problem resolved.

I know that this is a lengthly post, but any help or answers would be appreciated.
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
In case someone else runs into this problem, here is a fast solution that will get your wireless mounted on your tadpole bent for about $0.75 in materials. Sorry about the first photo being out of focus. It was taken with my $40.00 camera that I bought for cycling trips.

1/2" PVC about 5" in length drilled and attached to the fender mount.


I need to replace the bolt and get a shorter one, but for now it will do. It's also getting painted black whenever she isn't going to ride for a few days.

HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily

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