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Cycle computer wire broken
This is how i fixed it.

It was an old CatEye CC 7000 the cable broke. I stupidly followed the manufacturers instructions to attach the wires up the side if the headset. Well 20 year on the cable broke as a loop got caught on something.

After 23 years use i was not having that. Couldn't find a replacement and id heard stories of the wires not being re connectable. The stories were right. I stripped the cable and twisted it back together and no connection. These inner cable is multi filament copper with a white nylon strand up the middle for strength. You dont get any signal through them when you just twist them back together copper to copper.

The secret is they are coated in varnish. You have strip them and very carefully run them through a flame to burn off the stuff. Then wire them back together and bingo! Mines up and running again and correctly wired to my vintage steed.!

just though you ought to know!
Excellent info. I use tiny heat shrink tubing with another layer over the splices for strength.

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