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Headtube bent? Fork binding?
Hey Guys,
Was looking to fix me up an old Ross road frame, in my size(25"). Always wanted one and found this one. Figured I would paint her up and make me a fixie out of her.

In preperation, I was cleaning the headset up and noticed that when I tighten the top race nut up, to get rid of the slack in the fork, the fork is binding when I turn it to the left and to the right. Shouldn't the fork be just like a bottom bracket and turn(spin) freely in the headtube??

Upon looking at the headtube and frame, it looks like the bottom tube going in to the headtube might be bent, but there is no bends or creases. The headset bearings look fine along with the races.
What do you guys think is the problem??
It could be that the fork is bent, the frame is bent, or that the headset parts aren't seated correctly in the frame. If you are overtightening the headset, it could just be that too. You want as loose and you can get it without any side to side play.

What makes you think the downtube is bent?
What makes you think the downtube is bent?

It looks OK... There are no creases, bends or dents that I can see.
How can I check to see if the fork tube is bent?
How do you check to see if the races are seated properly?

I just finger tightened the headset until there was no side to side play and then tried to turn fork and it gets tight when you turn 45* to the right and 45* to the left, but feels good in between there(* is degrees). If I loosen it up a little to get free movement all the way around(360*), it has side to side play.

Cup or races maybe worn ... Take a look if they don't look like theses:

Nope, don't look like those, at all...
mine look like they are brand new.

It should be able to rotate without side to side play, without binding. Sounds like something(s) are bent. Get out your stainless steel straight edge and start checking. Frames are very rarely bent right at the joint.
Well, I checked everything with a straight edge and it all looks fine.... Whew !! I put the neck and bars on and started playing with it some. It seemed to have a tight spot just in one spot and it was on the bottom race only. I marked the tight spot on the race and then popped the race out and put the marked spot on the back side of the frame, where the downtube connects to the bottom of the headtube... Wah Lah !! It is nice and smooth everywhere except in that one spot and that is with the bars almost completely turned all the way around on each side.
The only thing I can figure is that the new race has a slight high spot and it will probably wear in with some use...
What do you guys think ?? Ever had this problem before ??
(11-17-2013, 01:35 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  PJ;

It should be able to rotate without side to side play, without binding. Sounds like something(s) are bent. Get out your stainless steel straight edge and start checking. Frames are very rarely bent right at the joint.

I'm trying to figure what you are saying here... If the frame was bent, how would this effect the headtube that is not bent and make the bearings bind?? Please explain??
Sounds like you checked the frame, and eliminated that possibility.

With a tight spot on bottom race (cup); and you are able to locate the defect so that it does not effect your normal steering range; I'd leave it and never worry about it.
Awesome !!... Thanks Nigel !!!

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(12-02-2013, 08:01 PM)!TREK4ME! Wrote:  Hey Guys,
Thought I would show you the results of the ROSS Fixie I've been working on...
Took it for the first ride last weekend and did 35 miles. My legs felt like they did a hundred. This fixie stuff is definitely different than the norm...
Anyways... Thanks again for all the help !!,


Nice job, you must be a big boy.:-)

As per gearing how did you come by that combo? The rear sprocke tlooks a bit small. I find on my Fuji 12 speed the most often used combo here on mostly flat with some mild hills rides is 42X18 so if I were to make it a fixie that would be about what I would want. Maybe a 16 rear at most
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