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Double bent seat stay
I have a Schwinn Traveler with a seat stay that has two bends. In addition, the entire rear triangle is shifted to the drive side by about .5 inches. Is this repairable? There are no cracks or dimples in any of the tubes, and this is one of the "good Travelers" (CroMo + forged dropouts & hanger). The paint sucks however - looks like it may have been in a low temp smoky fire. Any hope here?
I posted a photo on this, but I do not see it. What did I do wrong?
you missed a step, you have pick the file then over on the right you have to add it to the post and pic another and do that for every pic then hit post reply
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[attachment=4026]Thanks Painkiller. I noticed that I had an error message that the file is too large. here goes again.

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