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Gearing ratio far too light
I'm looking for some advice
I have a boardman team c 2010 spec and I fond that I run out if gears on a descent.
The set up is as follows front and rear mechs SRAM rival rear is short gauge
Shimano hg 5600 10 SPd cassette 12-25.
Shimano hg5600 chain
Chainset is the SRAM gxp 50/34
And SRAM rival shifters
So what I'm looking to find out is a possible set up that's a bit more meaty
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
I would try a bigger ring in the chainset. I have a 28/38/48 on my mountain bike. Most of the time I hear of people having 54 teeth in the front.
you need to spec the maximum teeth your front derailluer can handle between rings
15 to 22 on most setups
53/39 for example
you should be running an 11t on the rear also
but remember you will probably have to replace your chain
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
As mentioned above, get a cassette with an 11t smallest sprocket.

The GXP is offered in 53/39.
The Red group goes to 55/42

I don't know the BCD, 130mm maybe ? Harris has 54T chainrings in 130mm BCD
and 110mm

See here for how to measure BCD:

53/11 is 15% taller than the 50/12 you currently have.
55/11 is 20% taller than the 50/12 you currently have.

You will need a new longer chain if you change the chain rings
Thanx a million for the advice
Looks like I've a little bit of work to do then
I'll let you know how I fare

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