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Unknown Wheel Size For Existing Frame
Hi, I had the whole of my front fork assembly and rear wheel stolen from my bike, while at work, I had not had the bike long enough or had to work on the wheels so do not know the size of the wheels to replace them, how do I size the wheels required.<br />
Regards<br />
Bill R

Well, if it is a road or hybrid style bike, it more than likely needs 700c wheels. Or 27" if it is an older road style although 700c should fit if you can move the brake pads. If it is a mountain bike or a cruiser, more than likely it takes 26" wheels. 700/27 tend to have narrow, smooth tires while 26" tend to have thicker tires, although not always the case.
You may just want to take the frame to a local bike shop and have them help you out. Some of the shops may have used parts as well which can save you a little bit of money.
Sorry to hear about that.


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