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Unknown cassette types and tools required to remove them
Hi everyone,
I've been looking around the web and this forum but haven't found what I was looking for so I'm sorry if this has already been posted.

I've got 2 cogsets / cassettes / freewheel (pick one, I don't know which one fits the most...) I need to remove from 2 bikes of mine.

The first one is this one: http://imageshack.us/a/img706/2055/img0003zso.jpg

It comes from an old Raleigh bike. I need to remove it because of a broken spoke. I can't tell what type of cassette or freewheel it is.
There was a plastic ring covering the threads above the cog. I removed it but I can't figure out how to remove the whole thing. It looks like a
cassette freehub (http://sheldonbrown.com/images/k7-bulge.jpg) except I don't know where to put the lockring remover (I don't see any lockring...).
If you could help me this would be awesome Smile

The second one I need to remove is this one: http://imageshack.us/a/img7/452/img0007gln.jpg

It comes from a Peugeot bike and it's the bike I use everyday. I originally wanted to remove the cassette to do a single speed conversion with a kit I bought on eBay... before I got a closer look at my original cassette.

Again I'm sorry if this has already been covered somewhere here. I've been looking for quite a time without success.

Have a great day riding! Smile
The first one does look like a cassette. Some old cassettes come off by unscrewing the outermost cog and then the rest slide straight off. It looks like 1 or 2 cogs have already been removed. Are the remaining cogs threaded onto the freehub body or do they just have notches that fit over the threaded parts and can be slide off? Sometimes tehy get a little jammed in there over the years and need some "encouragement". They will slowly dig into the flanges on the freehub and if you give them a few taps in the opposite direction of normal pedalling force they loosen up. But make sure they aren't threaded on before you start banging on anything.

The second looks like a maillard freewheel and you would need a "maillard freewheel tool" which are getting very hard to find. Best option might be to have a shop remove it for you and never put it back on again...
Hey thanks for the answer.

For my first cassette, this is tricky indeed. I'd be very surprised if there was other cogs on it (and they'd be removed afterwards) as it's a 5-gear bike like many of the Raleighs of that ear. Gear ratio is pretty high as well with the highest gear.
Anyway as I've watched many youtube videos on how to remove cassettes both in usual and unusual styles (aka with common tools, no chaiwhip or lockring removal tool etc...) I had tried something a bit rough on it to remove it. As I saw the threads on the hub I have tried to unscrew them by locking the cassette with a chainwhip locked in place between spokes, then tapping gently with a screwdriver and a hammer on one of the teeth of the . I didn't want to break any teeth so I didn't hit so hard... I don't own another chainwhip though which could be helpful. I could try that again maybe and hit a bit harder.
Could that break it if hit too hard? Any other solution that doesn't involve buying another chainwhip? (I'm going to sell this bike and won't need 2 of them afterwards).
They don't come off by just sliding them unfortunately nor would they with the encouragement (I think) Smile

As for the second one I think you're right. A quick google search for this type of freewheel gives me more and more the feeling I need to change it for another one. Plus I could use the single-speed conversion kit I already bought given I get the right replacement hub...

Thanks a lot!
So this is an update.

I've managed to unscrew the cassette from the first pic I've showed using a small pipe wrench and a chain whip (and no damage done Big Grin).

Now I'm willing to clean it up a bit but I don't understand how to take it apart.

I've tried to hit the pins with a pointy tool and a hammer to remove them without success. Does anybody know how to do it? Is it the way to do it?

Thanks again for your help. You gave me faith trying harder what I originally wanted to do Smile
The pins aren't really intended to be removed. You could file off the flared end and then knock them out, but I wouldn't bother. Just soak the whole thing in cleaner and use rags like dental floss between the cogs to clean.

A 5 speed cassette? Never seen that before.
yeah they're old Smile like from the 70s or something. 1st cog is screwed as you guessed. the rest is one solid block

I haven't bothered taking it apart. I had a feeling they were like rivets or something, not to be taken apart and put them together easily.

Thanks for all your advice. Really appreciate it!

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