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Tight/stiff Sram gripshift

I am using Sram X5 on my Cannondale Bad Boy. Now the gripshift feels very tight on turning up that I have to put some serious effort into it. I have Sram X7 on my tourer and have no such problems. The Cannondale is from new and only 5 months old.

Any advice please.

is the cable properly lubricated?

Had checked cable, its fine. Have a feeling its just a stiff spring as the X7 is fine.

Well springs don't just "get stiff" so something changed. Either the cable is dragging due to lubrication, kinked housing or something similar as nfmisso suggested or something is dragging inside the shifter. It could be the derailleur, but gripshifters are a little notorious for getting stiff at the shifter itself. They often respond to clean out and relube in the shifter.
Yep, a very valid point! Undecided

Its not just the derailleur but also the front mech too. So will look at removing and cleaning both the shifters/cables. Both are fairly new though?

Thanks for the advice.


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