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Front wheel spins slow - comes to quick stop...
My bike is a single speed if it makes a difference. -There is no quick release.

Excuse me for my lack of terminology, but basically the problem is just that the front wheel spins very slowly and comes to a quick stop when the bike is on its back and i spin it with my hand. I have had the bike for a few years and on average take the front wheel off once every few months for basic cleaning and changing flats.

So I don't really think i am tightening the bolts too tight or anything like that because the problem just seems to be getting worse with time. As far as I can tell I am putting the tire on the same was as when I first got the bike.

When I place the wheel in between the fork and rest it in its place it spins fast and smooth. As soon as I tighten the bolts(connecting the wheel to the bike) the problem begins.

In my novice opinion, there is a lot of gunk inside the hub. But I really have no idea.

Well it looks like you have a front brake. First thing I'd check is if the pads are rubbing on the wheel. If they are adjust the wheel so they aren't rubbing.
(01-06-2011, 01:55 AM)nameused Wrote:  Well it looks like you have a front brake. First thing I'd check is if the pads are rubbing on the wheel. If they are adjust the wheel so they aren't rubbing.

Not the problem.

You need to take out the axle and check the bearings. Grease and reassemble. Check this site repair guide for how to info. Sounds like you need to back off the cones a bit.
Never Give Up!!!
take the wheel of and try to rotate the axle, u should feel much resistance if its ok.

if the cone is to tight and if ur going to fix it yourself make sure u dont have it to lose are it be almost as bad as the bearings and will get destroyed.

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