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Front wheel turning independent of the Handlebars
Hi everyone, I just joined the site so I'm not exactly familiar with the forum but I need some advice on how to fix a bike. I went trail riding with a friend and I hit some roots that I was unprepared for, I took a fall and when I got back back on the bike I noticed that the handlebars were turning independent of the front wheel. The bike I was riding was my dad's and I need to fix it ASAP. It's a Nakamura Phenom 4.0, It has a one piece stem and handlebars so there are no pinch bolts. I tried tightening the central bolt but as soon as I got back on the bike to test it, the front wheel turned independent of the rest of the bike and I went over the handlebars. I've spent over an hour looking for information online but couldn't find anything relevant to the situation. If needed, I can get some pictures but if anyone has any advice it would be extremely appreciated.
The stem or top cap bolt needs to be tightened.

That's the only reason it would do this other than the stem being broken and needing replaced.

The stem bolt needs to be torqued to like 35nm at least. That's very tight, and takes some strength.

Consider also checking and tightening the locknuts that hold the fork on. This bike has a threaded fork, you should see the locknuts at the top of the headset (where the stem goes into). Push the fork into the frame as securely as possible and tighten any lose headset locknuts firmly. If you go too tight, you will get binding and need to start over.

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