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Raise Handlebars?
Hi all,

Brand new to all of this so pardon my ignorance in advance.

I've got a 1993 Trek SingleTrack Performance hand-me-down. It was recently tuned up and is good to go but I'm curious, I'd like to raise the handlebars. My back/should blades have been hurting, likely due to poor posture. The seat height is where it should be; my leg is slightly bent when the pedal is in line with the seat tube (I think that's the term).

I'm noticing on this bike that the cable that runs from the handlebar directly to the brake affixed to the tire only allows for little vertical movement (I'm trying to move the handlebars up). Picture is attached.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems that's as high as it will go before I snap the cable.

I certainly may be missing something as this is my first foray. Any input/assistance would be much appreciated.


You would have to replace that cable, measure and cut it to the new length, based on what you want the fork to be.

No other issues.

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