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Chain too tight or too loose
Hi guys,

I am building my single gear and now I am in troubles.
The thing is that after measuring the chain, chopping it and adjusting it with a master link, I am not sure what the best option is.
If I use a specific chain measure to keep it tensioned, the wheel can only be adjusted at the very end of the vertical dropout, whereas if I add 2 more links (outer and inner plates, one of them master link) the chain is too loose and for sure it will jump out of the crank with the smallest bump.

I am wondering about either using one of this:
- a chain tug,
- a half link for the chain
- a tensioner

Or just take the risk and using the chain without any of those items.

What do you recommend me?

Thanks in advance.


fixies usually have drop outs like this frame to cater for your problem.
Assuming you're building a single speed freewheel (not fix), I'd say either half link or tensioner will work fine. Half link will look cleaner and possibly less likely to slip, break, etc.

But yeah, not good to clamp the axle nuts out at the end of the dropout. Risks damaging the frame, axle, or slipping out when you push hard and cause a crash.
Had the same problem. Use half link. Make sure the dropout has enough Horizontal adjustment.
Thanks guys.
I will go for the half link.


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