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Bottom bracket bolt
hiya people i've got an alloy frame hybrid bike there is a lot of play on my crank & i mean a lot. i cant get the bb bolts loose its solid (joys of aluminum) i've tried with an adjustable spanner, even with a hammer & chisel . the lock ring comes straight off but other one doesn't anyone have any clues please ?

thanks in advance :-)
Anyway you could upload a photo and tell us what kind of bike, possibly name of the crankset,etc?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
take it to your LBS, they are doing this all the time and have the tools and knowledge, you will have to pay, of course, but your bike will be back on the road a lot quicker and the job will be done right.
took it to lbs they said use a hammer & chisel so me & my dad did for 2hrs with use of a grinder 2day got it off new 1 on all up & running now ^.^
OK, so your LBS isn't as good as my LBS!!!
yeah they must be pants lol i went to halfords 1st god what a bunch of thickos
I assume you are aware that BBs have left and right hand threads?
You must do if you have fitted a new one.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Quote:i went to halfords 1st god what a bunch of thickos

Too right, once I was in there hunting for a few bits (and failed) and this guy brought his disc brake equipped bike in. I heard him say to the guy behind the till "my brakes squeal, how do I stop it?" the halfords chap then picked a can of GT-85 up and said "spray this on your discs, it'll quieten them down!"
Wow, that reminds me of a guy who told me to spray wd-40 on my worn out brakes to quiet the grinding / squealing noise down lol. I was a kid back then and my dad said the gent did not know much about mechanics as well as a few other unpleasant things.. Lol
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
halfords staff are only trained in house ( if im correct ) so aint that good .. you may be lucky and find a good one but few and far between .

when i bought my boardman from them they said it had been set up .... but knowing them i still checked it over before i took it out Smile

Boardman Team Road/Race Bike

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