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Bent bottom bracket Oryx Energy 26 pic incl
Sigh, I've only had this bike little over a year.. and some how my bottom bracket is bent, I confirmed by taking off the pedal arm.

Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase a replacement bottom bracket?.. or what size this looks like.. here is all the info I have


Even the best bottom brackets eventually wear out, but I've never heard of one being bent.

What sort of bottom bracket is it, I would guess it's a lose, square taper type, like the top on in this picture:

[Image: bbs.JPG]

In any case,first you need to remove the existing bottom bracket and measure the axle length. Then I suggest you replace it with a cartridge type bottom bracket, like the second one down in the picture, with the same axle length as your existing BB.

The Shimano UN54: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/components/bottom-bracket/product/un54-bottom-bracket-14172, is available in lots of lengths, is a doddle to fit, no mucking about with lock rings, and should last for ages. If you shop around, you can find them pretty cheap too.
I agree with Xerxes, it is very rare for the actual axle to be bent without a substantial impact which would have caused other more obvious damage, I have seen the occasional new bike with a damaged axle fitted on original assembly, but this is usually to the thread.
It may be that your BB is loose and only needs tightening?
Or your LH crank arm is bent or loose, fairly common problem on cheaper bikes, note that if the tapered square on the inside of the crank arm has become bell mouthed it will have to be replaced with a new arm.
A sealed unit bottom bracket as shown by Xerxes is a possibility but you will need a special tool for fitting and tightening this.
I also do not like the units with a Delrin sleeve shown here, these have a nasty habit of the spline breaking up when you try to remove them.
I have never heard of one getting bent either. Was it run over bay a car? I also would say that bike has a loose square taper.
The only time I've seen a BB axle bend is an old square taper being made to do a 10ft drop to flat, hence why MTBers started using ISIS (and later hollowtech), you must have done something pretty big to do that!
just an update my friend was able to replace my bottom bracket with a spare bracket he had exactly the same looking at the top one in the picture of the different types of brackets,

I am including pics of the broken/bent bottom bracket that was removed

[Image: img0006mjj.jpg]
[Image: img0007gu.jpg]
[Image: img0008kd.jpg]

What did you do to it!? You've completely trashed that, good effort! I don't think I've seen ANY bb fail that badly before! Seriously how did you manage that?
(08-12-2010, 04:59 PM)JonB Wrote:  Wow.

What did you do to it!? You've completely trashed that, good effort! I don't think I've seen ANY bb fail that badly before! Seriously how did you manage that?

that's nothing, a couple of years ago I managed to snap a bottom bracket in half while riding Big Grin
Wow! It is quite possible the metal is poor quality. I know that it is a Canadian built bike, but it is possible they purchased a number of bottom brackets from China where the steel industry is still trying to make high-quality steel the rest of the industrialized world perfected many years ago.

You can bet the Oryx company is not going to run and tell you about it either. But you could call them. Smile

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Hmmm my guess he is a heavier guy who likes 10ft drops alot. Other then that I would agree with the poor metal quality.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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