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Freehub problem I think - Easton R3 hub
First post so be gentle !

Out this morning and noticed that when I start pedaling backwards the chain tension goes and the chain drops against the stay.
When I unclip my pedals and freewheel the pedals/crank arms keep going round for a while.
Got home and when off the bike I spun the pedals round and again they keep moving. When I spin them backwards the wheel seems to slow.
Any ideas what's going on ? I'd guess at the freehub being worn out but not being technically minded in the slightest and I'm really not sure.
If this is the case are they repairable or is it the end of the line for them ? LBS has a Campag freehub in stock
Think I've had the wheels for 4 years and not done massive miles on them.
Wheels are Easton Ascent II Campag fitting.
Running with Chorus 11 speed which was new last September and less than a 1000miles on so I doubt the groupset is the problem.

Most probably the freehub mechanism is gunked up. Another question: Is it cold outside at the moment? Cold temperatures can cause the grease to become more viscous, so the pawls inside the freehub might have problems engaging / disengaging. I cannot find any service instructions on Easton's homepage at the moment, so I cannot comment on how easy those are to service. You might free up the ratchet mechanism by applying liberal amounts of oil to it.
Not as cold as it was a few weeks ago.
When I go to LBS I'm gonna get tools to remove cassette myself (I hope they'll show me how to do it) so I can clean it properly each time I clean my chain.
Only problem is that it's a tight fit as they put a 1mm spacer on to stop the 27t catching the hub.
The R3 hub doesn't have any clearance built in, cogs just fit flush up to the hub if you don't have a spacer in.
Don't want to take it apart if I can't put it back again.
There's instructions on how to do that work on here.

See here (http://bikeride.com/replace-cassette-cluster/ ) for instructions on removing/replacing a cassette.

See here (http://bikeride.com/freehub-body/ ) for how to replace the freehub body.

And just in case you have a freewheel (http://bikeride.com/replace-freewheel/ ).
shorty82 the links you posted does not work here. Not sure if its on my end or not.
Sorry about that, seems the automatic links picked up the ")" for some reason. The links below should work for you.

See <a href="http://bikeride.com/replace-cassette-cluster/">here</a> for instructions on removing/replacing a cassette.

See <a href="http://bikeride.com/freehub-body/">here</a> for how to replace the freehub body.

And just in case you have a <a href="http://bikeride.com/replace-freewheel/">freewheel</a>.
Turns out it was a combination of a cracked freehub, new bearings needed and cassette end of hub was loose and when tightened caused the freehub to lockup. This will be why it seemed intermittent after I had cleamed it all up because when I put the wheel back in I probably didn't do it up as tight as before.
Anyway all sorted for £60 parts and labour.

Thanks for your help
I am having the same problem with my bike. Although, I was riding in -25 weather when it happened. It started spinning when I peddled and then would catch again and work. Finally, it just wouldn't come out of the spin and I had to walk 5 miles. I'll look up those links provided but am no bike mechanic myself. The bike is working since it warmed up so the freehub could just need a cleaning up like Joe_W said.

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