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How much do you bike a year
I bike one day a week sometimes twice depending on how busy I am.
In 2021 I did approx 1,073 miles.

In 2020 I did approx 1,152 miles.

Sad that I was behind in 2021 than I was the year of the pandemic, but it's mostly due to the fact that I dismantled my GT Aggressor Pro to rebuild and rode the GT Tempest on a 38/16 gear ratio single speed up until September in 2021.

It's kind of amazing that I came so close really.
I haven't been biking lately. My bike was worn out and my husband trashed it. I haven't been able to get another yet.
Thankyou for sharing. My husband destroyed my bike when it was worn out. Since then, I have not been able to get a new one.
I bike on weekends when I'm free from my job, usually at morning and evening, I go to public parks nearby areas.
Thankyou for sharing. My husband destroyed my bike when it was worn out. Since then, I have not been able to get a new one.
My cycling varies from year to year. Some years I might do over 10,000km. Other years I might do less. It depends on what else I am doing.

I might do 40 or 50km in a day. Some days more. Some days less. 40 km a day, for 250 days, is 10,000km.
Somewhere between 10-30 miles a week April through October.
I bike a lot. It's my main mode of transportation, and I ride from my house to work every day. I also use it for fun—I love to go on rides with friends and explore new places.
Stats from Strava. A pretty good year on the bike - Should be over 6000km for the year

My Stats for 2022 so far
Last 4 Weeks
Activities / Week 3
Avg Distance / Week 141.7 km
Elev Gain / Week 204 m
Avg Time / Week 5h 6m
Activities 100
Distance 5,402.4 km
Elev Gain 21,668 m
Time 200h 49m
Currently sitting at 1,307 miles for this year.

Won't likely be putting on too many miles more.

Still scaling well each year. Up about 300 miles.

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