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Zipp 182 hub bearing replacement
I'm going to replace the bearings in my Zipp 182 hub (rear wheel). Both the SRAM website and this article (https://www.slowtwitch.com/Tech/Hub_How-To_-_Zipp_182_3300.html) recommend against replacing the freehub body bearings, and that instead the whole freehub should just be replaced. I can only find one supplier and a replacement freehub costs more than I paid for the wheelset.

The freehub bearings don't feel anywhere near as bad as the main hubshell bearings, but they're still not great. What is the reason that the freehub bearings are considered too tricky to replace? It looks like the procedure should be very similar to the hubshell bearings.
There's no reason you can't replace the bearings so long as you have the right tools.

People who are saying otherwise may be speaking on how easy it is to damage sealed bearing hubs without the proper equipment to service them. You should take the wheel to your local bike shop and ask them about the service.
I used a DIY press (threaded rod with various washers). I did the main hub shell bearings, one at a time. The first one was quite easy. The second one wanted to go in at an angle no matter what I tried. I hit the hub shell with a heat gun, put the bearing in the freezer (that's a waste of time - it immediately heats up when it contacts the hot hub), and it still went in wonky. I just kept wiggling everything around as I was tightening it down and eventually it ended up looking straight and flush.

I bought 4 bearings - enough for the hub shell and the freehub. After the difficulty I had with the main hub shell, I wasn't game to do the freehub. Also, I aborted the difficult one twice and punched the new bearings out, so I might have damaged 2 of my new bearings and I wasn't sure if using them in the freehub after that would be wise.

I've ridden 50 km since and everything seems fine. I think it would've been a lot easier with the correct drift and I probably would have attempted the freehub if I'd had the correct tools

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