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Help identifying this Garry bike?
Someone on Reddit suggested I make a post here, so hope someone has some info! This bike was recently purchased by my dad and we are both wondering if there is any info out there about it. the seller thought it was from the 40s, due to some mechanics of the bike. It is apparently Raleigh made (from some parts on the bike that were branded with Raleigh) but the logo reads GARRY. It is made in England as well, and the only number we could find is on the bottom, 706, which is weird for a Raleigh made bike from what I’ve been told. We were unable to find any other example of this bike anywhere on the internet, besides one in england that the owner thought was from the 50s I believe. Any information about this bike would be super appreciated! Thanks!
Oh, and if there are any other photos of the bike parts that I can add let me know and I can attach them!

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I have this email me audette_mike@yahoo.ca

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