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finding right BB for old Dutch city bicycle
hello from Estonia, I try to help a friend in replacing bottom bracket. we don’t have the old one anymore, so we have to find out the right bottom bracket just from measurements on the frame. the frame is supposed to be an old Dutch one.

Detailed pictures of left and right side of the bottom bracket are here:

wide = 65.83 mm

diameter (on the left side) = 34.3 mm

any help in finding the right BB would be very helpful.

thansk in advance,

Hello Lauris,

I am not sure I can help based on your fotos. I see no threads on the bottom bracket for left or right sides. Appears to be a "pressed in" design, held in place by "crimped tabs" on the shell tube. Obviously it was repainted, 65.83mm is an odd size; possibly 65.0mm with no paint. I have a Dutch road bike, but it has a threaded BB. What style bike is it? Any idea of the year/decade? I'll try to help since I am intrigued. Any more information you can provide on this bike would help (speeds/ gears, component manufacturers, etc.).

Take care,
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