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Trouble finding crankset with Q-factor of 180 mm / Boost Standard compatible
Hey, I am building a Nordest Britango Ti in size M/L (Boost Standard) and I have some trouble finding a suitable crankset. I installed Raceface Aeffect R cranks with a 137 mm spindle and a Q-Factor of 177 mm but the chainstay clearance seems to be too low (~2 mm) on the drive side. I could not test ride the bike with the raceface cranks but I think there will be too much flexing in the frame/cranks when loading up the bike for bikepacking.

I am using a Hope BSA 73 mm bottom bracket for 24 mm spindles. The Ti frame requires a Q-Factor larger than 175 mm. Can you recommend any cranksets that have a greater chainstay clearance (180 mm Q-Factor maybe?) and are still compatible for a chainline of 51/52 mm?



This is rough.

I was going to suggest SLX at first. The Q-Factor is 1mm less than what you have.

It says out there that this is troublesome.

However, you're supposed to install a spacer on the BB for Shimano Hollowtech II 73mm BB shell.

That 2mm spacer might solve your issue. Do you have one installed with your current crank?

I think this might also be why they make the 0.7mm BB spacers (and 1.8mm). You can add the 0.7mm to the 2mm, or combine the 1.8mm and 0.7mm instead to help push that extra clearance while still being able to fasten the crank.
Today I was browsing cranksets and came across a Shimano SLX.

On the box shows that the FC-M7130-1 apparently has a Q Factor of 181mm.

Hope this helps and isn't too late.

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