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Quick Release Axle Question
I have been offered some quick release spindles for my bike.
Do I need special hubs for these spindles or can they be fitted to normal hubs? Mine have the nut fixings on both wheels.
The bike is a inexpensive mountain bike with front and rear suspension, but will not be used in extreme of road environment.
Many thanks,

Hi Roger,
Unfortunately quick release spindles require a hollow axle, and it sounds like you've got a solid axle. You'll have to get a different set of hubs if you want to use the quick release. However, it can be expensive to build up new wheels so it would be cheaper to just buy a set of complete wheels that already have quick release axles.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'll have to carry on with the spanners in the car.
Ride safe,<br />

Hey guys,
Just thought I would let you know that my company has a pending patent on and is launching a quick release adapter for bicycles with solid, threaded axles. Hub conversions will no longer be required for adding quick releases. We will be able to accomodate 6 different sized and threaded axles (most common sizes). A adapter kit for 1 wheel will retail between $16 and $22. Look for us at Interbike in Vegas on September 22nd, Booth 5779. http://www.axlerelease.com.
I went to your site and there is not really much there ? Is this product like for sale on the Internet or it is in a pre-development stage. I do look web sites and businesses for my own consumer protection and scam problems. At first I was shady because you website is not really complete.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
We are not putting our proprietary information on the web site until after Interbike. It will be sold via the internet, independent bicycle dealers, sporting goods store, and mega chain store. I appreciate your concern. I should have clarified in the original post that it will not hit shelves until December/January. Sorry for the confusion.

(07-19-2008, 06:17 PM)Alex Ramon Wrote:  You'll have to get a different set of hubs if you want to use the quick release.

That's not true. You can usually buy a hollow axle with the same diameter and thread count as the solid axle. Just thread off the cones, locknuts, etc., and thread onto the new hollow axle. Done.

The best way to figure out which Axle you need is to go to Wheel's Manufacturing ( http://wheelsmfg.com/content/view/469/32/ ) and look at what's available.

- 9, 9.5, or 10mm diameter?
- 26 threads per inch? Or, 1 thread per mm (which is 25.4 threads per inch)?
- Measure the inner the drop out distance, and add 4-6 mm to accommodate for the axle extending *into* the drop out.

I can figure out axle diameter and thread count. 9.5mm is 3/8". If an axle is thinner or thicker, then it's 9 or 10mm. Likewise, it's not hard to count 26 or 52 threads. Then measure. If it comes out to less than 1" (or 2" if I counted 52), it's the metric thread count.

You can always take an axle nut to your local bike shop and ask them what it is.

The length is the easiest to figure out because the axles come in common lengths. The available lengths help guide you to the correct drop-out measurement.

I've done this to two Walmart bikes that came with solid rear axles. The hollow axle cost me about $12. I got a free skewer from my local bike shop's spare parts box.


WARNING: As someone noted in another thread, a person needs to understand how QR wheels are different. Such as theft, and especially the risks of not tightening sufficiently. If the front drop-out doesn't have the "lawyer lips" (that come with most bikes outfitted with QR axle) the wheel could pop out, and your forks dig into the ground (leaving the rider with major dental work). If the rear dropout faces forward, it could be possible to pull the wheel forward under load, causing it to jam against the frame, throwing the rider off the bike.

So, if changing a nutted axle to QR, be sure to clamp the lever extra, extra tight. (And be aware of how much easier it makes to steal the wheel.).
oh my gosh, az when you said dental work I cringed. I could only imagining that happening going down a rocky trail. uuuhhhhh

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