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Been Away for a while.... Update on Overhauls
Been away for a while.... But wanted to post that the assistance You Folks gave on the Overhaul-ing of the ~1980 Peugeot U09 and ~1970 Gitane Gran Sport Mixte is a resounding 100% Success story!

Bar and Seat repositioning made the posture and comfort level increase;
New cables and improved brake pads made it stop better;
New bearings and seats made it roll better!
Cleaning/Adusting/New cables for Derailleurs and sprockets made it work correctly, and improved cosmetic appearance, too!   I did have to epoxy glue the plastic front Derailleur mount on Gitane, as it had cracked.
The chains were not stretched, just needed repeated oiling and cloth cleaning and now shifts are quick and positive.
I did replace both bike's sleeve Idlers with BB units, and finding 8T BB Idlers that fit exactly was a pain... They were 'widened' by adding shims.
Did replace entire front Axle on Peugeot.. due to worn parts (Thankfully the Hub insides were OK).
On the Gitane, wife was not at all comfortable reaching down to shift gears, and she felt more comfortable with the way my Peugeot's stem shifters allowed for upright seating , so I added them to her bike when the cables were replaced.

BOTH Ride so, so much better than before!

If you remember, I did a favor for an IT Guy at work, and he responded by purchasing Loose Ceramic Bearings for the Peugeot, and I've had no issues with Ceramics, and the Peugeot now coasts far easier than does the Gitane with New Steel BB,  and last year the opposite was true...

So... Overall I couldn't be happier!    I'm guessing with pouches & Special Tools & Grease/Oils Bearings lCables that I purchased to do the overhaul that I never had to begin with,  I would say I spent ~$275 to overhaul both bikes..... and this involved some parts that were purchased that I found out later didn't fit.

I've said it before.... Will say it again.... This is a great place with smart people!
Great story Jan ! thanks for the update. Do you plan on doing more in the future?
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Funny you should ask!!!

We sold the IL house and closing is next week...
We've been packing, and next week we move to mountains of NC...

The bikes are working good... We don't know where any bike trails are near the town we're moving to, but there must be some....

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