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Bottom Bracket Grinding Sound
Recently I did a 350 mile, 4 day bike ride and half way through I started to here a clicking sound coming from my bottom bracket. We had mechanics on the ride and they mentioned it might be the retainer clip in the bracket making the sound but they didn’t have the tools to fix it. Anyways I kept riding the next few days and now it’s a very loud grinding sound when I pedal. Any idea what it could be? I have a Trek and it’s not even a year old with about 1000 miles on it.

Do you know if it's a sealed bottom bracket? Also, try tugging on the crank arms to see if the spindle moves in the shell. It sounds like bearings to me.

It sounds like the bearings for sure. I would <a href="">crack it open</a> and have a look.

Sounds like loose bottom bracket at first
then cracked bearings if its not sealed

basically renew all BB
It does sounds like your bearing. Let us know what you find out.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
Yeah it does sound like bearings. Not to sure of Trek's Bottom Bracket design but definitely worth an overhaul.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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